What is Geometry Dash SubZero

For all the arcade game fans there is a brand new Geometry Dash SubZero game. This game goes further than any other game in this category of games. Graphics are fantastic, and the action in the game will keep you playing every time you have a free time. The game is playable on Android smartphones and that only means fun everywhere you go. For example, if you are waiting for someone or something, the waiting time can be cut by playing this amazing game on your phone.

After you are done with picking the favorite character you need to choose the mode. You can play normal mode or practice mode. And there are three maps to play mega hack v6 free.

First one is for new players, and you should play the first one until you get very good at the mechanics of the gameplay. The game is not easy; you need to practice to get better and pass the levels.

The second one called Nock Em is for advanced players because you will enter into an advanced mode that requires high alert and attention and a very good skill of clicking the screen. The third one is named Power Trip. And it is true; you are on a power trip. Everything in the game is faster, and obstacles are put in such a way that only experts can pass the level.

How to Avoid Obstacles The only thing you need to do in the game is just to click on the screen. By reading this sentence you would think that this is an extremely simple game, but it is not. Proper timing is what is required in the game. Also, you need to have a high alert to figure when to click and not land on the obstacle.

Final Thought Geometry Dash SubZero is the game that is perfect for the gamers that love to challenges. Every map, every play is a challenge. You need to pass the level and after that level is another level where things get faster and harder. There is a challenge after a challenge and game promise lots of fun and lots of hours of playing. And by playing this game, you can probably train your focus skill. I can recommend this game to the people that suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) because this game requires 100% attention. This game is not good for the nervous people, people under a constant stress and angry people. Things in Geometry Dash Mega Hack SubZero can get ugly and nervous people and people under stress may get even angrier than they were before playing the game.


Fake hacks put cheaters on ice, the result is laughable

Nobody feels like cheating – not even the programmer and YouTuber ScriptKid. In order to get back at the fraudsters, he has come up with a creative solution: He simply beats them at their own gun by publishing fake cheat software .

Teamkills instead of aimbot

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is also a popular game with cheaters; in 2016, hackers were usually encountered every four to five games . Apparently nothing has changed about that to this day, because ScriptKids bait software was downloaded over 1000 times in a period of two weeks – possibly because it promised that the supposed hack would not be detected by Valve’s Anti-Cheat.

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But instead of supporting the fraudsters with common cheats like aimbots or wallhacks, he made a fool of them: When using the software, random punishments are triggered during the game in order to sabotage the efficiency of the hackers. These ensure, for example, that the scammers automatically shoot their teammates, blow themselves up with grenades or throw away their weapon when fired.

This spectacle was recorded as a replay file, which was automatically sent to the programmer after the game – in the video you can get an idea of ​​the resulting chaos:

Doubts about the authenticity of the video

Even if the video is extremely funny, many viewers accuse the YouTuber that his video is supposed to be set – as the main argument they use the fact that in the video at 4:07 you can see a vote about being kicked out of a running game these votes can usually not be seen in the replay files.

In addition, many viewers consider it unlikely that potential cheaters would use the Troll software for more than a few minutes. In the video, however, you can see that one of the alleged fraudsters is said to have played with the software for eleven rounds.

At least the (anti) cheat software actually exists : ScriptKid published the complete source code of the program on its GitLab page . He just removed the passages in the source code that could have turned the app into a real hack by changing a line.

What we see in the video is actually triggered by the fake cheat – but whether these are recordings of real victims – or ScriptKid made them itself – cannot be said.


Fall Guys: What about when only cheaters play against each other?

Often you hear about how cheaters are matched against each other in some matches. The Fall Guys developer is now showing how messy it looks.

 popular measure against cheaters in video games is to simply throw all cheaters into the same match and let them play against each other. The developer of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout also pursued this idea with “Cheater Island” .

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Videos of the cheater duels: In contrast to other games, the official Twitter channel of the party game wants you to participate in this fun. For this he published some videos, which he said could come from the cheat matches.

The Cheater Island matches

The developer admits that he cannot guarantee that the matches shown are really Cheater Island. One thing is certain, however: the rounds that do not last ten seconds are filled to the brim with players who disobey the rules.

The match ends after just five seconds: The first video shows how all of the characters simply fly towards the winners’ crown at an impossible speed and thus skip the entire gameplay. We are unsure whether the winner will really enjoy this win.

Don’t blink! Another match is even shorter and ends after a single second. The round begins, suddenly all the players are at the goal and the strange idea is over. The developer has few words for it: it makes the game look bad.

The cheater island no longer exists

Even if the studio cannot confirm with absolute certainty that the matches shown come from Cheater Island, they know that corresponding rounds did indeed take place.

Nevertheless , cheaters will simply be locked out in the future instead of offering them the experiences shown above. In a long series of Twitter posts , they explain the reasons for this and the history of Cheater Island.

So the team initially started collecting data about cheaters without taking any action. Because they wanted to rule out false positives. After they had enough data, the experiment of matches started, in which only cheaters compete against each other.

Problems bring about the end

Cheaters are smart: The developer admits, however, that cheaters are anything but stupid. Because they find out why they were recognized, inform other fraudsters and look for new methods to circumvent the detection mechanisms.

The special matches had their own servers. And if there weren’t enough cheaters in a region, a match just never happened. Players were in a never-ending queue. At the same time, however, there were also bugs that led to the same problem.

Anti-cheat mechanisms are secret: However, the developer could not inform anyone about these measures, as otherwise the cheaters would have found it easy to bypass the mechanisms. A dilemma for the studio.

It was a fight between the cheaters and the Fall Guys team. The fraudsters found loopholes, the studio plugged them. A constant cycle began.

For example, it was possible to bypass Cheater Island by starting a group with non-cheaters. You could also use family sharing to create second accounts without paying accordingly.

heaters do everything to be able to cheat

The developer was quite surprised at how far some users went just to be able to cheat. You realized you were in an arms race. Eventually it was decided to ask Epic for help.

Epic rushes to help: The result of the collaboration is the next update, which is called “Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus”. Easy Anti-Cheat will be integrated so that the matches will no longer be influenced by the use of unfair auxiliary programs in the future.

But that doesn’t just have advantages. Because this means that Linux users can no longer play the title via compatibility levels such as Proton from Valve or Wine. Because EAC doesn’t work with it.


Why is the breath visible on cold days?

Sometimes in autumn we step out of the house and find that every time we exhale, a veil of mist forms in front of our face. What is happening there and why do we only experience this in the cold season?

It has to be cold and damp outside: Then small clouds of mist appear in front of our mouths. Why does hoo produce cold air

Behind this is a natural law that also works on a much larger scale and shapes our weather events. It’s about the humidity in the air and the formation of clouds.

When taking a breath, two things happen: on the one hand, the air that is sucked in warms up, on the other hand, it becomes enriched with water in the lungs. This happens because the alveoli have extremely fine membranes to absorb fresh oxygen from the air and to release the waste products of metabolism, water and carbon dioxide, to them. The water molecules in the warmed air of the lungs do not exist there in liquid form, but rather buzz around as a gas.

If the air is then breathed into a frosty environment, it cools down together with the gaseous water it contains. But air has a fundamental physical property: it can only contain a certain amount of water in gaseous form.

How large the amount is depends – and this is crucial – on the temperature. The warmer the air, the more water it can contain: at zero degrees Celsius it is around five grams per cubic meter, at 30 degrees around 30 grams of water vapor.

That means: At some point the limit of gaseous water that the air can absorb will be reached: it is “saturated”. If it cools down further, that part of the water that it can no longer hold is separated: it changes from a gaseous to a liquid state, i.e. it condenses into tiny droplets that float in the air – the same mist-like breath we see before us in the cool season.

From a physical point of view, the process can be explained by the movements of the molecules. Put simply, a substance is gaseous if its particles – in this case the water molecules – have a lot of energy and therefore fly around quickly and over a wide area without influencing each other.

It only becomes liquid when the molecules lose so much energy that they can no longer move freely, but slow down and collide. The colder the ambient temperature, the slower they become and the more of them accumulate together. And they eventually form droplets that reflect the light. Then we see them as fog.

Rain clouds are created according to the same principle

However, whether our breath condenses does not depend solely on temperature. But also about how many water molecules are already in the ambient air. The more humid it is, the greater the chance that its saturation limit will be exceeded and fog droplets will form. Therefore you can see his breath on a cool, damp November morning, but not on a cold, sunny January day when the air is dry.

And only when it freezes a lot – around minus ten degrees – a person almost guaranteed to produce little clouds, because then many of the water vapor molecules in his breath condense so quickly that they immediately form fog.

The principle that makes the air we breathe visible also governs our weather. For example, warm air can accumulate moisture over the ocean in a similar way to what happens in the lungs. If it then rises, it cools down increasingly because the temperatures are lower at altitude.

The water vapor that has risen condenses into tiny droplets: clouds are formed. The water molecules clump together to form larger and larger spheres. After all, they can get so heavy that they fall to the ground – and then it rains.